Unity Day 2020

A Day Full of Recovery, Fellowship, and Fun!

Join our Alameda County Tri-Area: East Bay Central, East Bay North & Mission Peak Areas Virtually!

Saturday, September 26th from 12pm - 6pm PST

To order merch, please email ishtarpeeler@gmail.com

Merchandise payment - paypal.me/UnityDay2020

Schedule of Meetings

Room 1 (Main Room)

12-12:50 : Awakening of The Spirit!

Speaker 1 - Jazzma T. (The City of Angels)

Speaker 2 - Billy A. (Massachusetts)

1-1:50 : I Got Pride! (LGBTQ)

Speaker 1 - Zephia C. (San Francisco)

Speaker 2 - Jesse L. (San Diego)

2-2:50 : Men's Meeting Intimacy in Recovery

Speaker 1 - Richard B. (East Bay Central)

Speaker 2 - Oz P.

3-3:50 : Stay Connected, So You Don't Get Infected!

Speaker1 - Jamila C. (Bay Area)

Speaker 2 - Joey C. (Bay Area)

4-4:30: Clean Time Countdown (Ali E.)

4:30-5:30: Main Speaker

Speaker - Larry L. (Fairfield)

Room 2

12-12:50 : (no meeting - join Room 1!)

1-1:50 : How It Works - Newcomer

Speaker - Bjorn W. (UK)

2-2:50 : Know Your History

Speaker 1 - Tracy P. (Sonoma County)

Speaker 2 - Danny M. (Philadelphia, PA)

3-3:50 : Women’s Meeting Intimacy in Recovery

Speaker 1 - Myrna W.

Speaker 2 - Desi J.

Room 3 (En Español)

12-12:50 : (no meeting - join Room 1!)

1-1:50 : Como Funciona (How it Works)

Speaker - Gustavo D (Columbia)

2-2:50 : Claves Para La Libertad (Keys to Freedom)

Speaker - Maggi T (Puerto Rico)

3-3:50 : Conectado a NA (Connected to NA)

Speaker - Luchy D (Colombia)

4-4:50: Sobreviviendo a Las Probabilidades (Surviving The Odds)

Main Speaker - Laura R (Costa Rica)

Personal recovery depends on NA unity.

Each year the Alameda County NA Areas work together to host a day-long celebration of recovery and unity in NA. Unity Day includes back-to-back speaker meetings on a variety of topics relevant to recovery.

Even in 2020 when while we cannot meet in person, we will strive to continue creating a great atmosphere of recovery, fellowship and fun.

This event is run entirely by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, consider joining the Unity Day subcommittee or talk to a member about how you can volunteer on the day of the event.

Want to Volunteer for Service? Check out the Unity Day Service Committee Page!