Meeting Resources

Online Meeting Information

GSRs and other Trusted Servants, please report updated information about your meeting directly to the Public Relations Subcommittee. The PR Committee will be posting changes daily. You can do this one of two ways (scroll further for instructions about online meetings):

1. Fill out the Meeting Changes form and PR will automatically be notified.

2. Email with all the relevant information (including whether a new location is wheelchair accessible)

** March 28th Tri-Area Notice **

The Tri-Area Public Relations Committee (PR), as a service to Mission Peak, East Bay Central, and East Bay North, has purchased a Zoom business account for use by all meetings without needing your own Zoom account.

If your meeting wants to use this Zoom account, please submit the details in the form below.

** March 18th NAWS Notice **

NAWS has created a new page on for resources related to virtual meetings:

You can find the page if you click on the FOR OUR MEMBERS tab at the top of the home screen. If you are logging in on a mobile device, hit “Visit full website” first. If you have any related resources that others might find useful, please send them to and we will post them.

Resumption of In-Person Meetings in Alameda County

  • As long as meeting places are able to meet health & safety requirements set forth by the Alameda County Health Department, NA meetings are allowed to re-open

  • East Bay Central, East Bay North, or Mission Peak Areas of Narcotics Anonymous and Northern California Region Service Committee will not be financially responsible nor be held liable for any and all fines as a result of a group’s non-compliance of the Public Health Order and Social Distancing Protocol.

  • Financial responsibility and liability will then fall to the individual group (e.g. the GSR and other service members of the group) as well as the facility or meeting location should these guidelines not be met.

  • Per nCov, Public Health, DCDCP contact at Alameda County: “Narcotics Anonymous is not considered a cultural ceremony, it is considered group counseling services. Please refer to the order and FAQs for guidance to follow.”


If you have scheduling questions, please contact

Please reach out the PR committee with your meeting questions at