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This page is created for all the resources you may need in starting a new meeting, updating your meeting details, or moving your in-person meeting online.

Resumption of In-Person Meetings in Alameda County

As of the June 3, 2022 Alameda County Public Health Order, face coverings are required for

all persons regardless of vaccination status at indoor meetings.

  • This aligns Alameda County and the City of Berkeley with the State of California.

  • Capacity Restrictions, Social Distancing, and cleaning requirements have been removed, but individual facilities where we meet may impose their own restrictions as a condition of our use of their space.

  • Meetings are autonomous and may determine additional COVID-based precautions for attendance.



  1. Business Meeting to get group conscience and make decisions.

  2. Contact the meeting’s facility.

  3. Inform all Trusted Servants prior to re-opening about the meeting’s specific decisions.

  4. Update the Meeting Schedule to confirm coverage by the NA insurance policy.

For more information, please visit the link below:


The Tri-Area Public Relations Committee (PR), as a service to Mission Peak, East Bay Central, and East Bay North, has purchased a Zoom business account for use by all meetings without needing your own Zoom account.

GSRs and other Trusted Servants, please report any updated information about your meeting directly to the Public Relations Subcommittee.

The PR Committee will be posting changes regularly.

To get your in-person meeting online, you'll need to:

1. Fill out the Take Our Existing Meeting Online (Form) and PR will automatically be notified.

2. Questions or need help? Please email


Additional Online Meeting Resources

NAWS (Narcotics Anonymous World Services) has created a page on for resources related to virtual meetings around the world:

Another great site for Virtual Meetings can be found here:

(Not managed by NAWS)

Any questions?

You can reach out to