Alameda County NA Service Committees

California's Alameda County is geographically large, encompassing 15+ towns and cities and about 100 NA meetings each week. In order to better serve the groups, the county is broken down into three Areas for most service functions; East Bay Central, East Bay North, and Mission Peak

The Area Service committees are comprised of Group Service Representatives (GSRs) representing local Groups and other elected volunteers who provide administrative and task-based support.  Areas provide literature services, meeting outreach, local activities and general group support

Committees known as Tri-Area committees serve all three Areas for functions that are best coordinated at county level. The Alameda County Tri-Area service committees are Hospitals and Institutions, Public Relations, and Unity Day .

Elections! Next Meeting Saturday 11/19 

East Bay Central Area needs support.

Meeting ID: 925 5661 1155

Password: EBC1ASC

The call-in number is:   1-669-900-6833 

Looking For a new service commitment? We have open positions. Help carry the message of recovery.  Join us to find out more